Founded in the spring of 1999, the Schoolhouse Group of Artists brings together a variety of talented artists eager to paint and to explore the possibilities of their chosen medium. They began meeting in a historic schoolhouse in the hamlet of Lemonville, now the community centre and continue there today.

The creative artists are the foundation for the group’s continued success. Painting in a variety of forms of expression in mediums spanning from watercolour to acrylics and oils, pen and ink to monoprints, members of the group get together one day a week from September through May to paint, sharing and encouraging each other as they do.

During the year the group hosts workshops with accomplished instructors through which new ideas and approaches to painting are shared.

The group’s highlight of the year is the annual show and exhibition of members’ works. Their first exhibition and sale in October 2000 was judged a success and met with much critical acclaim. The tradition continues.

The Schoolhouse Group is filled with talented, enthusiastic artists who love painting. Friendship and a shared venture into the world of art define this group while the creative personalities are its strength.


The Schoolhouse Group of Artists are members of the Markham Arts Council and the Pine Ridge Arts Council.