My painting expresses love of the life given. The gift of sight is a miracle we don’t often appreciate. As my good friend and fellow artist Jeff Miller (founder of Look, See, Paint) says: “How often do we wake up in the morning and on opening our eyes think “God, I can see – therefore I am alive!”. I found my soul again in painting. It was a gift given to me where I can express my thanksgiving for life and creation and reverence of nature.

My studio is part of our turn of the century farm house where I display my watercolour and acrylic paintings framed and unframed. The farm house is an ongoing renovation project. An added joy are the barn animals; like Daisy the Donkey, who protects our Sheep from Wolves and other predators as we are on the edge of the wilderness.

Life is good! I began painting for myself and my own health – but a painting, like life and love, is never complete until it is shared!

Studio visits are by appointment only. Contact me through my website